I was born to Gerald and Carmen Medlin in Lawton, Oklahoma February 29, 1960. Mom and dad had moved there just out of the University of Missouri in Columbia to fulfill dad’s ROTC obligation at the army base there. My sister Cheri was born 3 years earlier while dad was in college. We moved to Sullivan, Missouri the year after my birth where dad established Ozark Trencher Sales, a Ditch Witch trencher dealership, one of the first in the world, just east of Sullivan along old Highway 66. My brother Grant came along 3 years later. We grew up next to the dealership in a rural setting just outside a small town. This is where I learned to hunt.

After graduating from Sullivan High School in 1978, I went on to attend St. Louis Christian College. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after High School, so I figured going to a Bible College to study the Bible for one year couldn’t hurt and might help. I knew there had to be more to being a Christian than I was experiencing having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was thirteen. This College was affiliated with the church we grew up attending. I stayed there 4 ½ years and became a preacher.

While in College I married my Junior High girlfriend, Beth Ann Gilbert, May 17, 1980. After graduation from college in May of 1983 I was ordained as a preacher. We moved to Linn, Missouri where the Community Christian Church had asked me to be their preacher. The church grew for 6 ½ years, but we left there discouraged with the elected leaders and went back home to mom and dad in Sullivan where I worked part-time with the Sullivan Christian Church and part-time with dad’s Ditch Witch dealership. The last year in Linn our son Garett was born January 8, 1988.

My dad retired from the Ditch Witch business selling his dealership to my brother Grant. At that time, Grant was expanding his Ditch Witch dealerships buying the dealership in Olathe, Kansas. He asked me if I would like to work at the newly acquired dealership because one of the salesmen there had become ill. We accepted the challenge and moved to Olathe in 1990 to help him out. I worked for Jack Hardy, Grant’s store manager and also a salesman at the dealership. While there our second son Luke was born January 7, 1991.

The Ditch Witch dealership in Omaha, Nebraska became for sale and with the help and guidance of my dad and brother I acquired the dealership in August of 1992. We moved our family from Olathe to Omaha that same month and began our new home here in Nebraska, where we’ve been ever since.